Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for… the 115th California Library Association Annual Conference! “Let’s Make Some Noise!” is our theme, and we hope to bring that noisy spirit of enthusiasm, celebration, excitement, advocacy, and fun to every element of the conference.

We have assembled a supergroup of over 35 creative and engaged conference committee members representing the full diversity of libraries and library workers in California to make sure the conference strikes a chord with everyone. At the end of last year’s conference, you shouted out your requests in the conference evaluations, and we heard you.

One thing you’ll notice that’s different about this year’s conference is that it will be conducted Sunday through Tuesday, November 3-5. I am hopeful that this experiment with holding our professional conference during the workweek instead of the weekend will be instrumental in reaching a wider audience.

We should have a rockin’ keynote speaker to announce very soon. We are confident that this year’s lineup of engaging and dynamic programs and poster sessions will be music to your ears. In response to feedback that people would like the Awards Gala to be more festive, we’re exploring ways to pump up the volume. We are looking at enhancements to make the exhibit hall sing. The conference will feature enough luncheons, receptions, and social activities to keep you rocking and rolling. You’ll be calling for an encore once you realize the show’s over!