Registering for conference is quick and easy. We offer two registration methods:

Onsite registration will be available:

  • One-day registration: Monday, Tuesday (Members: $175/per day; Nonmembers: $300/per day)
  • One-day exhibit hall access: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday ($25/per day)
  • There will be limited ticket availability for Sunday preconferences and CLA Prom (see the paper form above for pricing).
  • Note: Meal tickets and special hotel reservation packages are no longer available.

Before starting the registration process, please take a few minutes to read the following:

For a quick look at pricing and options, see the paper registration form above.

"The CLA annual conference encourages and revitalizes inquisitive librarians. I'm so proud my library organization supports my inquisitiveness."
–2012 Conference Attendee