Planning Committee

Committee Charge

The Conference Planning Committee coordinates program selection and activities for CLA's annual conference.

Committee Members

  • Dolly Goyal, San Mateo County Libraries, CLA President
  • Yemila Alvarez, Pacific Library Partnership, Conference Chair

Program Committee

  • Emily Weak, Oakland Public Library, Program Committee Chair
  • Andrew Carlos, CSU East Bay
  • Ashley Kagan, California Center for the Book
  • Bill Kolb, San Francisco Public Library
  • Christina Shin, Sunnyvale Public Library
  • Juan Garcia, Glendale Library, Arts & Culture
  • Kelly Chiu, Santa Clara City Library
  • Kelly Reinakar, San Mateo County Libraries
  • Kelly Tyler, Los Angeles Public Library
  • Kimberlee Wheeler, Butte County Library
  • Nicole Pasini, San Mateo County Libraries
  • Shawna Sherman, San Francisco Public Library
  • Stacey Akahoshi

Pre-conference Committee

  • Annapurna Dandu, Santa Clara County Library District, Pre-Conference Co-Chair
  • Kayla Figard, San Mateo County Libraries, Pre-Conference Co-Chair
  • Dolly Knight, Ventura County Law Library
  • Joanna Fabicon, Los Angeles Public Library
  • Michele Huie, Santa Clara County Library District
  • Michelle Gordon, Fresno County Public Library
  • Rosa Cesaretti, Pasadena Public Library
  • Madeleine Ildefonso, Los Angeles Public Library

Publicity Committee

  • Diane Cowen, Santa Cruz Public Libraries, Publicity Chair
  • Jack Baur, Berkeley Public Library
  • Jenny Barnes, Redwood City Public Library
  • Ketzie Diaz, Palos Verdes Library District
  • Jasmin Avila, Chula Vista Public Library
  • Pat Toney, Oakland Public Library

Special Events Committee

  • Erwin Magbanua, San Diego Public Library, Special Events Co-Chair
  • Paul Sims, Santa Clara Public Library, Special Events Co-Chair
  • Ann Awakuni Fernald
  • Christopher Noll, Noll & Tam Architects
  • Julie Oshiro, Santa Clarita Public Library
  • Rachel Schmidt, Santa Clara County Library District

Local Arrangements Committee

  • Daniel Matsumoto, San Francisco Public Library, Local Arrangements Chair
  • Andrew Carlos, CSU East Bay
  • Angela Ocana, Santa Clara City Library
  • Silvia Urena, San Mateo County Libraries
  • Marlene Iwamoto, Santa Clara County Library District
  • Lorianna Giarrizzo, Sunnyvale Public Library
  • Joy Wiser, Sunnyvale Public Library

Sponsorship Committee

  • Tara Smith, Los Angeles Public Library, Sponsorship Chair
  • Bianca Garcia
  • Chad Helton, Los Angeles Public Library
  • Lorena Villegas, Los Angeles Public Library
  • Nichole Brown, Oakland Public Library
  • Velva Lynn, CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Membership Committee

  • Erik Berman, Alameda County Library, Membership Chair
  • Karin Mente, Mountain View Public Library
  • Marlon Romero, Alameda Free Library
  • Robyn McCreight, Mountain View Public Library
  • Shoshana Francis, Santa Clara County Library District


Dolly Goyal, San Mateo County Libraries, CLA President: