Planning Committee

Committee Charge

The Conference Planning Committee coordinates program selection and activities for CLA's annual conference.

Committee Members

  • Michelle Perera, President
    Pasadena Public Library
  • Nikki Winslow, Conference Chair    
    Glendale Public Library
  • Hillary Theyer, President-Elect    
    Monterey County Free Libraries
  • Chris Brown, Programs Co-Chair    
    Fresno Public Library
  • Margaret Hatanaka, Programs Co-Chair    
    Glendora Public Library
  • Krista Riggs, Programs Committee
    Fresno Public Library
  • Jennifer Noble, Programs Committee
    Los Angeles Public Library
  • Ketzie Diaz, Programs Committee
    Long Beach Public Library
  • Dedria Tillett, Programs Committee
    Riverside Public Library
  • Heather Firchow, Programs Committee
    LA County Public Library
  • Stefanie Ulate, Programs Committee
    City of Monrovia Public Library
  • Ziba Zehdar, Programs Committee
    Los Angeles Public Library
  • Dawn Vest, Programs Committee
    County of Monterey Public Library
  • Pamela Schwartz, Programs Committee
    City of Mountain View Public Library
  • Dan Martin, Programs Committee
    City of Downey Public Library
  • Allyson Goodwin, Programs Committee
    Carlsbad City Library
  • Diana Garcia, Marketing/Promotion Co-Chair    
    Monterey Park Public Library
  • Joanna Fabicon, Marketing/Promotion Co-Chair    
    Los Angeles Public Library
  • Beatriz Preciado, Membership / CLA Booth Co-Chair    
    Orange County Public Library
  • Ady Huertas, Membership / CLA Booth Co-Chair    
    San Diego Public Library
  • Alice Kuo, Special Events Co-Chair    
    Beverly Hills Public Library
  • Patricia Rivera, Special Events Co-Chair    
    Los Angeles County Library
  • Tim McDonald, Local Arrangements Chair    
    Pasadena Public Library
  • Natalie Cole, CSL Liaison    
    California State Library
  • Robert Karatsu, Logistics Chair    


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